Our Teaching Artists

Our TA’s are as unique and talented as the students they serve at Plato’s afterschool programs, but something they all have in common is a love for stories and adventure, and the ability to inspire kids to share that love.

Teaching Artist, Adventures in Mythology

Sarah Ryan

Sarah, a daughter of Athena with an adventurous spirit, began her demigod journey in the wilds of New Jersey. Her passion for mythology grew in a high school that favored chariot races. When not battling monsters, she was found in the theatre, building and performing with equal ease. Not much has changed. You’ll likely see Sarah observing her trainees with an eagle eye, ready to change the pace. When not in class, Sarah is usually following the trees.

Teaching Artist, Adventures in Mythology

Shann Smith

Shann found Camp Half Blood and Plato Learning last year, and has since dedicated his time to teaching their amazing roster of demigods. His journey to Plato Learning began in North Carolina, where he first realized his love for theater. A passion which eventually lead him to New York. When he’s not teaching demigods and helping take down monsters, he’s working as writer and an usher. He’s produced two shows in New York, and help write pilot that’s currently in pre-production. He’s a loving son of Dionysus and super excited to get to work for Camp Half Blood and Plato Learning!