Plato After School

When you provide children with a safe, judgement-free space to use their imaginations and explore their curiosities, you help them conquer their fears and discover the magic that exists in themselves and their world. We believe that these unconventional learning experiences will allow children to transform into free thinking, creative innovators.


During our multi-week residency, students embark on a journey as Demigods (half mortal, half god) that will test their mettle and prove their heroism. The workshops follow a full residency narrative arc in which students train and learn the ways of heroes past in order to stop an opposing force and complete their mission. Each residency culminates with a Quest adventure where their training is put to the test in a live-action journey through a mythological world of their own creation.*

*Adventures In Mythology is not responsible for an obsession with runes & ancient languages, kids asking you ancient Greek or Egyptian trivia, building armor at home, or an increased fascination with reading and adventure.


Our workshop cycles explore will explore the many ways daring women are represented in various artistic fields. Girls will explore themes of girl power, participate in creative writing activities that enhance literacy skills and create daring projects and crafts that relate to the books and stories we read each week. Our workshops will be visited by Daring Women in these fields who will share their talents and experiences with our girls.


Interested in bringing our program(s) to your after school? We tailor our workshops to fit into your existing after school structure. Classes can be for 60 or 90 minutes with a minimum of 12 students (we maintain a 9:1 student to teacher ratio). We are a licensed DOE Vendor (Vendor # PLA723007). Our unique enrichment workshops also qualify for grants or Title 1 funds.

For more information or to bring Plato Learning to your students, please contact Alex Tissiere at 718-669-7799 or


Some of our Brooklyn school partners include: P.S. 9, P.S. 10, P.S. 154, P.S. 309, Brooklyn New School, and Brooklyn Prospect Charter School.


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